Merchant Account Credit Card Processing

There are obviously and clearly many benefits to merchant account credit card processing – some more blatantly obvious than others, naturally – but what makes merchant account credit card processing with a reputable company like Vision Payment Solutions such a rewarding experience?

1. Merchant account credit card processing will significantly increase your current sales. Studies show businesses that accept credit cards may witness a massive boost in sales just about instantly.

2. It will improve the image of your business. When you display credit card logos as forms of accepted payment, a sense of ‘trust’ is established in your customer’s mind, and trust results in sales.

3. Merchant account credit card processing ups your cash flow. Accepting cards increases cash flow. Even if sales don’t increase, your business will benefit by having the money from the sale instantly delivered to your bank account.

4. Nearly 90% of online transactions are with credit cards. If you sell anything online, but don’t accept cards, you push away over 90% of consumers.

5. Impulsive Consumers. Credit card holders buy more on impulse, and buy more than non-card holders.

6. Convenience. Many customers want to use credit cards because of rewards on their credit card. Customers are more likely to buy from a business that accepts credit cards than others. Don’t lose to a competitor just because you don’t accept cards.

7. Large orders. The average order size of a credit card order tends to be larger than by cash or check, so of course that’s more profit for you. Also, when they’re paying by credit card, they tend to place extra orders and order more often.

8. Competition. Your competitors already take credit cards. You must accept cards in order to survive.

9. VPS merchant account credit card processing is inexpensive. Today’s merchant account credit card processing rates are so low even a tiny company can easily accept cards. Typically, the increase in sales for a business increases when they set up merchant account credit card processing. As a result, by accepting credit cards many businesses make more money!

10. Easy Start. Many businesses think getting setup for merchant account credit card processing is a long, hard process. But, with VPS, you can have expert merchant account credit card processing within a couple business days.