Merchant Card Accounts: Snowflakes in Disguise

A merchant card account is much like a fingerprint: highly unique and individual. Not only are there so many different kinds of merchant card accounts out there today, there are also a lot of different customizable options within each kind. This makes for a pretty big pool of possibilities when it comes to finding an account of your own, and as such, also creates an overwhelming sense of confusion and sometimes frustration in shopping for such accounts. But, the first step in any process is gaining knowledge on the topic, so today, let’s take a look at different kinds of merchant card accounts available to your business, and how they interact with merchants to facilitate better business.

Standard: Standard merchant card accounts are for more conventional settings, like grocery stores and other physical outlets. You’ll typically see most of these places with standard accounts because they have the traditional keypad point-of-sale (POS) terminals to process transactions.

Internet: Internet merchant card accounts are specifically designed for interaction online, with shopping carts, payment gateways, and other essential aspects of online commerce embedded within the accounts themselves. These enable online businesses to accept payments from customers a world away.

MO/TO: Mail- and telephone-order businesses also have different merchant card accounts to meet their own needs. This, of course, includes the ability to process credit and debit card payments over the phone or through the mail, and as such, may include virtual terminals, although this depends highly on the provider of the actual merchant card account.

Mobile: Last, but certainly not least (especially in the days to come soon), mobile merchant card accounts are quickly becoming the standard for anyone and any business who conducts transactions on the go. Whether you work at tradeshows or conventions, or if you own a hot dog stand or an ice cream truck, you can offer your customers and clients the convenience of immediate, instant access to purchases without them having to worry about carrying cash. They simply provide you with their information by swiping or keying, you process it remotely, and email them a receipt!

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