Merchant Credit Card Processing Boosts Your Bottom Line

Merchant Credit Card Processing Online

In the world’s marketplace today, it is an absolute necessity for businesses to accept credit cards, with what is known as merchant credit card processing. The vast majority of retail customers pay with plastic, and they will go with the other guys if you don’t their payments.
To accept credit cards, you need a merchant card processing account. Vision Payment Solutions allows businesses to accept credit and debit cards, smart cards, and electronic benefits transfer (EBT) cards by providing them with merchant card processing.

When you call Vision Payment Solutions or complete our online form to request a merchant account, you will be connected with a friendly sales representative, who will ask a few questions about your business, and answer any questions on merchant processing or any other of the many payment-processing solutions we offer. Your application will then be submitted for approval, and you will likely be notified of results within 24 hours of submission. Once the submitted merchant account is approved, one of our sales representatives will contact you right then. Any equipment you need for merchant credit processing is shipped to your business, so you can quickly start accepting credit cards.

How Merchant Credit Card Processing Works

But, did you ever wonder how merchant processing works? Where does the information go after it’s entered into a card terminal or point-of-sale (POS)? When a customer’s card is swiped, and the authorization process is begun, the data is transmitted to a credit card processor. Then, the information is transmitted to the card-issuing bank, where the transaction is approved or declined. Lastly, the bankcard association transmits the approval or decline back to the terminal or POS device.

During merchant processing, a card may decline if it is expired or has insufficient funds, or if the card has been declared missing or red-flagged. To protect you, banks now require card authorization for all paper-based transactions.

To experience the benefits of merchant card processing, a business has to apply for – and actually acquire – a merchant account. Once this merchant account is initialized, merchant processing may be implemented via a credit card or POS terminal.

For more information on how to accept credit cards, visit our other posts on merchant credit card processing, or simply call Vision Payment Solutions today to get setup with a merchant card processing account that is fitted to your specific business needs.