Accelerated Funding

VPS is proud to offer our Accelerated Funding Program for all qualified merchants! With the Accelerated Funding Program, instead of waiting 2-3 business days to receive funds, qualifying merchants will now have the ability to see funds in their accounts by the very next business day. We take away the wait with accelerated funding! Now you too can enjoy a faster receipt of funds on most card types including Visa, MasterCard, Discover and PIN Debit.

The schedule below outlines the batch and funding times.

Batched*Cut-off Time*Funds Received
Monday6pm ESTTuesday
Tuesday6pm ESTWednesday
Wednesday6pm ESTThursday
Thursday6pm ESTFriday
Friday6pm ESTMonday
Saturday6pm ESTTuesday
Sunday6pm ESTTuesday

*The Accelerated Funding Program is available on the TPS front-end for both HDC and TDC merchants, and Global East for TDC only. Merchants must batch out by 6pm EST to receive the funds the next business day.

**Banks do not cycle on Saturdays and Sundays.

Accelerated Funding Program Criteria

To be approved for next day funding, the account must fit the following underwriting guidelines

  • Merchant must not have any future service liability
  • Merchant must have an average ticket less than $500
  • Must be certified on the Global East or TPS front end