e-Checks and ACH Transactions

Even in this electronic age, checking accounts remain an essential payment tool. Millions of American households don’t have credit cards, and the vast majority of business payments and consumer bills — and even tens of millions of internet transactions each year — are paid by check or direct checking account debit. The bottom line: you need to offer these convenient payment methods to your customers. Our systems will help you do it easily, securely and accurately.

  • Full range of point-of-sale and e-commerce electronic check conversion solutions.
  • Instantly debits a customer’s checking account electronically — no paperwork!
  • Leading verification and authorization systems improve security and reduce risk of fraud.

Vision Payment Solutions focuses on three product sets

Payment Gateway – ACH Processing – Risk Management, and Recovery

(which includes check, ACH and Debt)

When integrated they provide a strong compliment to card payments.

  • ACH
  • Electronic & Paper Check Risk Tools: Bank Account Verification,
  • Payment Gateway –Integrated with Vision Payments’ Paytrace Gateway, Conversion Products (POP, BOC, ARC)
  • Consumer Not Present (WEB, TEL, PPD)
  • Batch ACH Processing
  • Electronic Re-presentment (RCK)
  • Check 21 – ICL Truncation

What is ICL Check Truncation?

  • Consumer’s check information is processed like a personal check
  • Physical check not required
  • Converts check transactions where ACH doesn’t
  • No restrictions on business, Credit Union, Savings & Loan or small town banks
  • ICL Check Truncation transactions appear on your consumer’s bank statement as a physical check.


• Process ALL checks types • No bank return fees • Free collection on returned items • Submit multiple payment methods within one batch file to our processing partner • Reduce operation time and expense • Less restrictive federal guidelines for return items • One business partner for deposit and recovery of returned items • Provides access to more customers payments than any other single payment method

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