Merchants Prepare for the Holiday with Gift Cards

The holiday season is upon us—meaning that businesses of all different sizes will see growing revenues within the next several months. The holiday season is the time when consumers justify spending the most on themselves and others. A great way to take advantage of growing holiday sales is to capture additional revenue by offering gift cards!

Gift cards make a great gift for several reasons. First of all, it’s always difficult to determine what would be the “right” gift for someone. On the other hand, simply giving cash carries the impression that the gift giver really didn’t put any thought or effort into determining what the receiver might like. Gift cards are the perfect compromise. By purchasing a gift card for a friend or loved one, you can effectively say, “I know you well enough to know what you’re into and where you like to shop, but I’ll let you choose what you want!” Gift cards are especially useful for retail clothing stores where the gift receiver is probably going to want to try on the gift before deciding if they really want it. With so many different friends, aunts, cousins, work associates, and other acquaintances to keep track of, gift cards are the perfect choice for rushed holiday shoppers.

Businesses can benefit by placing gift cards in a visible part of the store, especially by checkout lines. It’s a great thing for consumers to add to their purchase right before stepping up to the register. Research shows that consumers simply don’t like to use paper coupons. Gift cards are great because they’re durable, fit in a wallet, and are refillable. Gift cards are a great way to attract new customers and improve relationships with existing customers.

Businesses of all sizes can increase holiday sales by offering gift cards. Vision Payment Solutions (VPS) offers a number of merchant services including gift and stored value cards. These cards are available in all forms including stored value cards, gift cards, employee cards, pre-paid cards and merchandise return cards. VPS can also hook you up with everything you need (hardware and software) to implement a successful card program quickly and efficiently. The records from card purchases and balances can easily be integrated into your business system. VPS also provides systems that easily track card usage and the overall success of different card programs.

If you’re anxious in learning more about how your business can benefit by offering gift cards this holiday season, visit us at!