Mobile Credit Card Processing: The Future of Transactions

Mobile credit card processing is using mobile devices, or mobile phones to take payments with credit cards. The entrepreneurial landscape today increasingly demands mobile credit card processing, from salesman out on the road, to trade shows, concerts, and deliveries. Now, companies who use mobile card processing can access the same authorization networks as standard retail merchants – and wireless, or mobile card processing terminals can now also process payments more quickly than standard terminals.

There are two ways for people to implement mobile card processing. The first is through software, or a physical card swiper that integrates with a mobile phone, or cell phone, from independent companies. The second is through a mobile merchant account with a wireless credit card terminal.

New mobile credit processing technology increases sales, saves time, reduces operating costs, and offers flexibility for all merchants, but particularly those whose business takes them on the road, online, or far from home. Add or update your mobile capabilities through Vision Payment Solutions’ payment processing system to enable your business to function as a fully mobile operation.

Consider the following benefits of mobile credit processing:

  • Mobile credit card processing machines can accept cards anywhere! This is especially important for outdoor/other venues that can be a hurdle for merchants. This means that more options for transactions and increased revenue.
  • Mobile card processing units creates lower rates, resulting in saving, potentially, a lot of money each month for your business.
  • Mobile credit processing terminals are lightweight small enough to fit in your pocket.
  • Mobile card processing terminals gives you the same access to credit card authorization networks as a traditional retail store with the added luxury of mobility.
  • Mobile card processing removes the need for a second phone line or renting lines at remote venues – an expensive and irritating problem.

Ready to start reaping the many benefits of mobile credit card processing, but not sure which option is best for you? Contact Vision Payment Solutions today, and learn more about how mobile credit card processing can help your business increase profitability.