Mobile Processing – A Payment Processing Solution that Increases Profitability

Mobile Processing gives you the Opportunity to Process Phone Orders

Don’t miss out on any opportunity to process a credit card order over the phone. Using mobile processing to facilitate the process makes it easy today to obtain customer orders and accept payments over your iPhone, Blackberry or Smartphone.

A Must-have Application if you Conduct Business over your Cell Phone

If you are an iPhone merchant, for example, and need to make use of iPhone processing, or a BlackBerry merchant who needs to facilitate BlackBerry payment processing, then such a mobile processing solution is a must-have application. So, how can you make use of this sort of payment solution? Just like your computer, credit card transactions are conveyed from your browser over what is called an SSL connection (SSL short for “Secured Socket Layer”) – an encrypted transmission ensuring that account information is kept safe.

Mobile Processing – How it Basically Works

The details of the transaction are transmitted to a payment gateway that is likewise encrypted and forwarded to a business’s merchant account provider, where it is denied or approved (finalizing the computerized portion of the payment processing). For example, if you are a Smartphone merchant and use Smartphone processing or a merchant that uses an iPhone or Blackberry, you will enter the card information on the app designated for that purpose.

Depositing the Funds

After that initial step, the account details are transported via a payment gateway to the provider of your merchant account. The processor for the merchant account, after the transaction is approved, settles the approved amount and puts it through for payment to your business’s bank account.

The Role of the Merchant Account Provider

Therefore, the provider for the merchant account has the responsibility of validating the credit cards used to pay for purchases online and finalizing and dispensing the funds to the appropriate business accounts.

A Nice Feature

Mobile processing of credit card payments then makes accepting credit cards just that much easier. For example, you can convert your Smartphone into a swipe device by installing an app and a card reader on your receiver. The amount you have to pay for this type of convenience is minimal too.

A Merchant Services Company Should Prove Affordable Rates and Maximum Security

Choose a merchant account services company that offers low rates and optimum security. A BlackBerry merchant, iPhone merchant, or Smartphone merchant can all enjoy the benefits of processing payments on their mobile phone. You certainly don’t want to miss the opportunity too of wrapping up a good sales deal by not having access to the software needed to process a payment.

Check your Transactions on your Phone Online

With mobile processing in place, you can easily put Visa and MasterCard payments through without delay. Mobile processing users can also receive detailed reports and email receipts. Activation is fast as is the processing. Plus, you can check your transactions on your phone online.

No Additional Hardware Required

Mobile processing is exceptionally convenient as no additional hardware is required. All you need is your current phone—Smartphone, BlackBerry, or iPhone—and a calling plan. Even choose pay-as-you-go. Either way, the expense is minimal.