Mobile Processing for Credit Cards

Mobile processing. It’s a term you may have heard before – or, more likely, a method for processing credit card payments that you’ve experienced firsthand rather than learned about. The most common use of mobile processing has been, undoubtedly, at Apple stores. The next time you head into one for a new iPod touch, a hard drive upgrade for your Mac, or just some technical consulting, you’ll notice the convenience of virtually any Apple store sales associate implementing mobile processing of your payment with just the swipe of your credit card through an iPad. This is simply one example of mobile processing, and there are many other ways of going about it, such as other tablet brands, mobile processing-specific portable devices that are built solely for mobile processing alone, and even smart phone or iPhone add-ons that allow for easy credit card swiping.

The term itself is simple enough to break down. Mobile, of course, means you can take it anywhere there’s wi-fi – as some merchants have taken to the extreme, providing mobile processing for remote or mobile businesses – and processing, meaning the same old quality credit card processing you’ve come to expect from a company like Vision Payment Solutions. As VPS remains constantly ahead of the curve with new technological developments and all kinds of mobile processing solutions, so do its clientele: our valued merchants, just like you. From the highly popular iPad application and add-on to standalone mobile processing solutions, be where your customers are, right when they’re ready to check out. The more customers you can tend to in a day, the happier your customer base will be, and we all know what that means for your business.

While all of these mobile processing solutions are excellent for your business in terms of maintaining a speedy, efficient checkout and keeping your customers happy, mobile processing is also widely available through many merchant account providers and credit card processing companies, including Vision Payment Solutions. Contact a VPS representative today to find out about all the great mobile processing options we offer today, and in no time, you can be assigning each of your clerks or sales associates a mobile processing unit of their own. Watch as your wait times go down, your customers’ attitudes go up, and your profit increases alongside your mobile processing efficiency.