Mobile Processing for Mobile Endeavors

In today’s modern, fast-paced, never-stop, bite-sized, on-and-off, on-the-go, rat race of a turbulent economy, one truth remains about transactions and how they are facilitated: you must accept credit cards – period. Studies have repeatedly and emphatically demonstrated that those consumers who purchase goods or services with a credit card are far more likely to spend more, to buy on impulse, to return to the place of the transaction, and to generally walk away happy. That doesn’t even cover the more obvious benefits to merchants, whose profits increase drastically when accepting cards from customers is the norm (as opposed to cash or checks), and also who profits dramatically dive when they are unable to process electronic payments.

So we’ve established that a merchant must accept credit cards today, and, because we know how many on-the-go businesses are out there (including everyone from trade show booth operators to hot dog stands to ice cream trucks to home and gardening services, and many more), it goes without saying that the need for mobile processing today is immense.

Just imagine: you’re an entrepreneur out on the road, sealing deals and securing your livelihood with each transaction. If you have a defunct or defective mobile processing system, you can lose a business deal simply by not being able to take your patrons’ card – and if you can’t process it then and there, they very likely will turn you down. This efficiently demonstrates the vital importance of mobile processing solutions that are robust, effective, and supported.

Vision Payment Solutions provides the whole gamut of mobile processing programs, hardware, software, and technical support needed for you, the merchant, to keep on the go while sealing deals, processing payments, and easily managing transactions – without the hassle of being tied down to a phone line, desk, or physical store location. All you need for mobile processing of payments today is an Internet connection and a compatible portable device. This could be anything from an iPad to an iPhone to an Android to a Blackberry; VPS provides all the necessary equipment add-ons, such as the dandy swiper, in our mobile processing plans.

Further, you’ll not only benefit from the improved image of professionalism your clientele will take note of during and after the transactions, but with mobile processing solutions from Vision Payment Solutions, you’ll have the same world-class customer and technical support we’ve provided all our clients over the years. Choose VPS for your mobile processing needs, and call today at the number above!