Mobile Transactions Are Go: Superior Smartphone Peripherals

Take processing where your customers are, with mobile! In today’s non-stop world of fast-paced, on-the-go, instant gratification, it comes as no surprise – especially to you, business owner – that amazing new technologies have been developed that allow for mobile transactions via many different kinds of smartphones, tablets, and other portable electronic wonders. Because Vision Payment Solutions is committed to providing quality transaction equipment and services – mobile or otherwise – we’ve decided to feature some of our top on-the-go products in today’s blog and talk about a few of the many benefits to these technological marvels. We’ll be talking about three of our most successful add-ons: the ROAM Swiper, QwickPay Swiper for iPhone, and the PAYware Mobile Reader. These mobile accessories, each with their own unique perks, can help you process all sorts of credit and debit card transactions, enabling mobile payment to and from your customers or clients anytime, anywhere!

The ROAM Swiper, a lightweight and compact add-on, fits right in your pocket and plugs right into your device’s 3.5mm headphone jack. A simple swipe of the customer’s credit card and the transaction is completed. The ROAMpay Swipe also uses end-to-end encryption so your customer’s sensitive information is never exposed; the device works with iPhones, Blackberries, and select Androids.

The QwickPay Swiper allows you and your customers the convenience and peace of mind unmatched by any other POS system. QwickPAY is a complete payment solution that delivers unmatched convenience without sacrificing security. QwickPAY provides the ability to easily accept credit and signature debit sales anytime, anyplace. It is easy to use and can help merchants lower their cost of accepting cards by as much as 30%! When your customers want to pay with a card, QwickPAY is the safest way. QwickPay Swiper works with Apple’s iPhone and iPad, as well as the Blackberry.

PAYware Mobile Reader:Wherever your business takes you, card-paying customers can pay you. All you need is the PAYware Mobile device and your iPhone. To reduce pay disputes, all transactions feature geo-tagging, which notes the nearest street or latitude and longitude coordinates.

To purchase any of these business mobile peripherals or to set up a low-cost service plan with a Vision Payment Solutions representative, please call (877) 674-2286 for a free quote. You may also purchase products directly from Don’t let another card-carrying customer slip by without purchasing your product or service. With such amazing mobile transaction processing technology and service available, there’s no reason to go without a smartphone card-swipe add-on!