Need A Credit Card Payment Solution?

If you own or are just starting up an entrepreneurial endeavor of your own, you probably already understand – either through research or experience – that no matter your line of work, industry, or goods and services sold, you require a credit card payment solution of some kind. Today, the vast portion of all consumers – customers, clientele, anyone paying you for your work – prefer to use and do use credit cards more frequently to pay for their purchases than through any other form of payment, which mandates that your business have in place some sort of credit card payment solution to accept, process, and manage your electronic card transactions, whether they’re credit, debit, or gift cards.

Vision Payment Solutions offers the full range of comprehensive credit card payment solutions, no matter your industry or field of expertise. We provide standard point-of-sale terminals, mobile processing, Internet merchant accounts and services, and mail-order/telephone-order processing solutions. No matter your preferred credit card payment solution, VPS can assist you in processing your patrons’ payments, getting money in your account, and facilitating easy business without the hassle and cost of other providers.

If you want to open a standard, offline, what we call brick-and-mortar establishment, you’re going to need a credit card payment solution with a conventional set up. This means a standard POS interface, which allows you to swipe your customers’ cards with ease, security and reliability. This kind of credit card payment solution, the most conventional and common of all, is probably something you’ve encountered at least from the consumer’s point of view frequently.

If you do business on the fly – if you’re a trade show worker, a convention booth seller, or anything else that requires mobile processing – then we have an on-the-go credit card payment solution for you as well.

But, if you’re an online entrepreneur who’s planning on opening an Internet store, you’ll of course need an online credit card payment solution, including an e-commerce – or Internet – merchant account, a payment gateway, a shopping cart by which your customers will collect their goods, and more – all of which are provided by VPS.

Lastly, for those of you out there who operate your business by phone or mail orders, VPS has the right credit card payment solution for you as well, and we can work with you to formulate the ideal methods and programs for  processing your patrons’ mail- or telephone-order transactions.