Online PIN-Only Debit Card Processing: What Gives?

In the tradition of always keeping our clients informed and educated about current industry developments, today we’ll address the issue of online, PIN-only debit card processing, perspectives on the topic from industry officials, and how it affects you, the merchant, in your daily card processing – and other online card processing – needs.

Until just recently, no PIN-only debit card holder could use his card online. The online checkout flow and peripheral applications, coding, and databases, simply did not support a PIN-only scenario and related to a PIN-only debit card as to any other debit or credit signature card. No online payment page enabled entering just a PIN code, and the checkout flow did not pass the PIN code to the debit card issuer. As a result, online, PIN-only debit card transactions were declined, as the PIN needed to authenticate the transaction was missing.

While most online merchants still do not accept PIN-only debit cards, first online PIN-only solutions are finally being developed, and new card processing solutions are on the way!

To the joy of online shoppers everywhere, PULSE has recently introduced the PULSE® Internet PIN debit solution, which enables merchants to accept PIN-only debit cards issued by the PULSE issuers’ network. The solution enables shoppers to enter their PIN using a graphical, scrambling, PIN pad, which changes each time a digit is entered.

The upcoming Durbin Bill is expected to accelerate the adoption of online PIN-only debit card processing methods. Though the Bill does not apply to PIN-only debit cards, it targets an issuer interchange cap of $0.12 for an online signature debit card transaction.

As issuers will have to find a way to gain the lost interchange back, and as the suggested cap only applies to signature debit cards – yet does not apply to PIN-only debit cards – issuers’ one course of action would be aggressively marketing PIN-only debit cards over signature debit cards, and changing the debit card market. Such a change will provide merchants with a larger incentive to accept PIN-only debit cards to maintain their market share.

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