Overcoming payment concerns for merchants

In the modern era, people are buying and selling goods with credit and debit cards with increasing frequency, and the rise in ecommerce has created a whole new set of digital challenges. If you are a merchant who embraces the cashless society, here are some of the concerns you might have and how you can overcome them with easy card payment solutions.


Your customers want to know their credit card data is safe when they shop with you. Leaks can happen anywhere, but you can reduce your risk by getting Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) certification and adhering to safety protocols. This certification tests your security in several areas such as how regularly you monitor and test your network. You should get this certification whether your business is online or all bricks and mortar retail.


People sometimes fall victim to fraud. This is an undeniable fact and a part of the credit card industry. However, if a customer claims to have an incorrect charge on a credit card statement, he may demand a chargeback, at which time he essentially gets his money back. This can hurt your business reputation, and it can cost time and money to clear up so that you don’t have your credit card merchant accounts closed. The best way to help your business is to take some steps to reduce the likelihood that the customer will resort to this. To help prevent fraud, always check a credit card’s expiration date and the cardholder’s signature. To help you prevent irate customers from demanding chargebacks for goods they did receive, keep your products and terms of service clear, and try to simplify your refund policy.

Currency Exchange

If you anticipate a lot of foreign business, especially if you are near a national border, you may need to accommodate different currencies. Since you probably won’t want to bother with new bank accounts and the rest of the hassle that goes with it, your best course of action will be to pick a payment service provider that is already set up to deal with international payments. Find one that can deal in multiple currencies. Be prepared to take in payments or even to pay others in foreign currencies on occasion. There are many merchant accounts to choose from, and a bit of research into prospective companies can tell you whether they specialize in domestic or international business and what they are equipped to handle.