How to Become an Agent Partner

How to become an Independent Sales Organization or Sales Agent

The VPS Agents appreciate our experience and range of services that mean we have more ways to say “yes” to customers. In fact, VPS has the resources and technical capabilities to provide comprehensive payment solutions to virtually any type of merchant in the U.S., including:

  • Credit, debit, gift/loyalty, ACH, and recurring payments
  • Mobile solutions on wireless and over 400 different smart phones
  • VISA/MC branded gift and reloadable gift cards
  • POS check conversion
  • ACH Processor
  • Funding Solutions

As an Independent Sales Agent (ISA) of VPS, you’ll benefit from:

  • Revenue share programs based on true net costs
  • 4 hour turn around on statement side-by-side analysis and proposal generation
  • Easy-to-complete electronic application with digital signature, fast turn-around time and quick installation that make it easy for customers to get started quickly whether there’s funding involved or straight merchant processing.

VPS is one of the few payment processing organizations with total in-house merchant underwriting, risk management, customer service, technical support, information technology, product development, inside sales departments.


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