Programs for Software/Web Developers

Are you developing a software application that requires a payment processing component? VPS has the solution for you that can add a financial incentive while efficiently and seamlessly boarding your customers. Count on VPS, with our proven, robust gateway, scalable to meet the most demanding business environment. Designed and developed to meet the largest of call centers while working in conjunction with your integrated software. Adhering to the latest PCI compliance standards, our strategic software integration team will work with you to develop a customized embedded interface that maintains the look and feel of your existing application(s) while providing the most secure environment and an enhanced user experience that will attract and retain customers.

Your business will benefit with:

  • Use our API for software functionality without development costs
  • A generous revenue sharing program that can add significant income to your bottom line

Vision Payment Solutions has chosen a strategic partner that allows for the use of an Application Programmer’s Interface (API). This option allows you to integrate the power of our chosen Payment Gateway into proprietary or 3rd party software. Once integrated, your software application will be able to interact with VPS’s system to process real-time transactions, securely store customer payment data, and much more.

Once VPS is integrated as the merchant account provider for your product, every customer who uses your software, you’ll receive a residual override from the processing.

API Highlights:

  • Process Credit Card, Gift Card, and E-Check Transactions
  • Process Level II and III Data
  • Store Customer Profiles
  • Process Recurring Payments
  • Receive Real-Time Shipping Quotes
  • Email Receipts
  • Email Invoices with Payment Links
  • Operating System and Platform Independent
  • Detailed Integration Guide Available
  • Integration Samples Available in C++, PHP, VB, ASP, VB.NET, ColdFusion and Java

Secure Checkout:

The API includes a secure hosted page that may be branded to look like your website. The hosted page is secured by VPS and may be used to collect your transaction and customer data. The secure checkout page may be configured to collect/require the fields of your choice, and it’s designated to communicate with your third party system in real-time. The Secure Checkout page is an integrated solution that gives your software the ability to process real-time payments without collecting, transmitting, storing, or even touching cardholder data.