Partnering with Vision Payment Solutions

Vision Payment Solutions (VPS) is a company that specializes in credit and debit card processing as well as a host of merchant services. From credit card terminals to merchant accounts and virtual gateways, VPS has everything that a new business might need to begin processing transactions quickly, securely, and at the lowest cost possible. In an effort to reach more customers, VPS offers partnership opportunities for sales agents, merchant associations, merchant banks, and software/web developers.

Independent Sales Agents: VPS is seeking independent sales agents who are anxious to partner with a growing company. VPS services are a natural sell to most business owners who are looking to process transactions at a lower cost and willing to invest in new equipment. Independent sales agents only worry about selling VPS products and services. After that, VPS support staff handles all of the customer maintenance. VPS independent sales agents benefit from monthly residuals for each client that they bring onboard. It’s that simple!

Merchant Associations: Merchant associations are some of the most ideal partners for VPS. As independent business owners come together to improve business conditions locally and consult one with another to improve their respective businesses, VPS referrals will naturally come into play. Every merchant needs debit and credit card processing. And if VPS can do it cheaper than their competitors, that’s something that every business owner in a merchant association is going to want to know about. The best part is, like all VPS partnerships, not only will individual businesses save on their bottom line through streamlined processing, but referral partners enjoy monthly residuals for each one of the clients they refer to VPS.

Merchant Banks: Merchant banks are another great VPS potential partner. Customers have come to expect affordable, high quality services from their banks, including payment processing. These services can be costly to develop in house. By partnering with VPS, merchant banks will be able to offer their clients cutting-edge, co-branded payment processing services. Merchant set up is quick and easy. Plus VPS will take charge of all set up, training, and support. VPS also assumes payment processing liability so that you don’t have to!

Software/web Developers: For developers that are developing software applications that require a payment processing component, VPS can be a great partner! Working with our software integration team, we will help you integrate our proven, secure payment gateway into your own software application. This will allow you to offer your clients PCI compliant security measures while maintaining the look and feel of the original application. Not to mention that developers also receive monthly residuals for each client processing payments through the VPS gateway!