PayPal Credit Card Processing: An Introduction

Paypal credit card processing is a popular online credit card processing solution. As with all the third party processing, PayPal card processing focuses on information security and fraud prevention. PayPal card processing provides tools for easy integration into your website, and many of the online giants of retail, such as Ebay, Barnes & Noble, and accept Paypal payments direct from your merchant account. Paypal card processing provides the ability to send invoices, and request credit card payments via email.

Easy to Set Up: With merchant accounts, you have to first get approved by the bank before you can start accepting credit cards. This often takes a while for the bank to check your credit and determine whether or not your risk is low enough to provide you with a merchant account. Not everyone will have the credit to qualify for a typical merchant account. With PayPal card processing, nearly all applicants are approved, and it’s easy to set up your account quickly. Your customers will then have the options of paying with credit card or their own PayPal accounts.

Flexibility: PayPal credit card processing allows you to accept payments in six currencies. You can also use PayPal credit card processing to set up subscriptions with recurring payment plans according to whatever schedule you specify. PayPal can be used by both online stores and offline, brick-and-mortar retail setups.

Low Fees for PayPal Credit Card Processing: There are no setup fees, monthly fees, or annual fees to use PayPal card processing. You only pay when you actually process credit cards. The fees are 2.9% of your sales, plus a flat rate of 30 cents per transaction, but rates may vary, depending on your country and the sales volume you process.

Merchant Tools: A PayPal card processing account features merchant tools that help you generate financial reports, and calculate shipping or sales tax. With these tools, you can easily review and print a report of transactions, refunds, and fees paid.

Protection: PayPal offers a protection policy for people using just PayPal credit card processing, attempting to prevent fraud, and they will work with you to recover from any fraudulent purchases. They also offer protection to consumers using PayPal to make payments, which may give your customers additional incentive to purchase from you using PayPal.