Products from VPS That Enable Businesses to Grow

The fact is that these days cash is not king anymore. Plastic is and, as any business owner can attest, being able to process debit and credit cards is indispensable for any merchant, whether it is a small boutique, a large retail store, or an e-commerce business. This is where a dependable merchant processor is an invaluable asset to any business.

Founded in 2003 and headquartered in Portland, ME, Vision Payment Solutions offers state-of-the-art payment applications to merchants large and small nationwide. They make available to their customers solutions for all platforms in e-commerce, retail, customized payment applications and software integration.

Vision Payment Solutions offers a wide range of credit card machines, as well as the ability to process EBT, ACH and e-check transactions, stored value and gift cards, and bill payments. The VPS line of products includes the user-friendly and highly reliable Nurit 2085 from Lipman, a longtime favorite of many merchants; and the compact and affordable Nurit model 3020 with a built-in keypad and hot key shortcuts that are fully customizable. For merchants who want to invest in a model that can be upgraded as their business grows, the standard counter-top Nurit 8400 offers the best in flexibility and adaptability.

For mobile payment solutions, one of their newer and more versatile options is the Nurit 8400-U with auxiliary battery pack to facilitate the store and forward option and a broad range of communicating options, including GRPS, Ethernet LAN and high-speed dial-up. This model is a must-have for trade shows and other off-site applications to ensure any merchant that they never miss a credit card sale. VPS also carries several other wireless terminals from Dejavoo and Way Systems.

VPS has additional choices in credit card machines from Hypercom, Dejavoo, and Verifone. The cost effective entry level Verifone VX 510 is available in a dial-up or an Ethernet version, both with internal PINpads and weighing only about a pound. One of the absolute smallest terminals available today is the Verifone Omni 3750 and it also offers some of the best features, including a built-in PINpad, smartcard reader and thermal printer. This terminal can also process more than one merchant account from just one terminal.

The Hypercom models offered by VPS include the versatile Hypercom T4205, as well as the T7P, T7-Plus, T4210, and the T4220. All are well-known Hypercom models. For merchants who prefer Dejavoo products, VPS carries the small footprint model M5 with a back-lit display and keyboard, plus wireless capability for payments on the go.

PINpads are also available from VPS and include the Verifone 1000SE and the P1300 PCI from Hypercom. Both models offer easy trouble-free implementation. In addition, VPS carries check readers that include the economical Magtek Check Reader and the MICR reading Magtek Check Imager.

Last, but not least, nothing says “state-of-the-art merchant” to customers quite like a smartphone app. VPS offers the safe and easy QwickPAY swiper, and the new PAYware app with geo-tagging, both designed¬† for use with iPhones, as well as the compact and lightweight ROAMpay Swiper for use with any BlackBerry, iPhone and some Android devices.