Protect Your Customer’s Personally Identifiable Information

It’s no secret that the Internet has opened up our personal details to everyone in some form or another, whether it’s a social media page or a criminal record. In the data world, this information is officially called personally identifiable information (PII) which essentially means any information about an individual that can be directly or indirectly used to identify, contact, or locate that person. This information includes medical, educational, financial, legal, and employment records.

This information is extremely valuable and essential to protect. When you run a business, you have will often have access to your customer’s PII. They are trusting you to be responsible with protecting their sensitive information.

The CSR Breach Reporting Toolkit from Vision Payment Services is an information security breach defense, preparedness, and response service that helps those using merchant payment solutions protect their customers’ PII. This toolkit is designed to help you quickly react to a data breach when PII is lost, stolen, or compromised.

Successfully protecting PII includes a combination of encryption, threat protection, data-loss prevention, and policy compliance. A well-run organization will employ numerous security protocols to ensure that their customers’ PII is constantly safe and secure. Organizations large and small need to follow all the legal requirements of the state and federal government so customers’ PII remains secure.

When you use our merchant services, you get to set strict rules regarding access to data, how the data is received, stored, and transmitted, what information can be sent within the organization, and what can be passed along to third parties.

A culture of openness with your use of data is important. However, this policy shouldn’t be consistent across all data types, especially PII. Access to this information should only be granted to select employees. It is also essential that your partners and vendors with access to PII have maximum protection. Make sure you understand exactly how your partners are storing customers’ PII for you, and how they handle access control.

Protecting PII all comes down to employee education. Developing policies and providing regular training for data handling is the best way to make sure you are always prepared to handle any security breaches or problems that might occur. Requiring employees to use a two-step verification process will help keep information safe in the event that a password is stolen.

Using the CSR Breach Toolkit along with employee training and education is a bulletproof way to protect your customers’ PII so you can perpetuate trust, and maintain their business.