Protect Your Small Business with a Merchant Account

If you own an online business, then you should learn how to protect your cardholder data, your customer and business. Choose a merchant processor that uses a secure payment system such as Vision Payment Solutions. They offer secure payment solutions that protect your customer’s personal information. If you enter your customer’s data into your computer system, make sure you have security procedures in place. Keep antivirus software up to date, and limit access to your customer’s information from employees. Data theft is on the rise all across the country. Payment solutions such as VPS offers a variety of payments suited for all business types. You need to maintain a solid front-line defense against theft of your customer’s data.

Choose VPS as your payment provider to avoid using dial-up payment terminals at your business location. Your business Internet connection should have a firewall that protects your information from hackers. Unauthorized computer use is a common way that hackers retrieve personal customer information. Savvy online shoppers will choose to do business with companies that offer secure payment solutions. Newer online businesses often find it hard to secure a line of credit with their local financial institution. Choose VPS as your payment provider eliminates that problem. It is not easy to start a new business without the ability to accept a variety of payments from your customers.

Credit cards are a convenient payment method for millions of online shoppers. Many shoppers choose to use a credit card so they have payment protection services. If you are not able to accept credit cards, you can be losing a lot of valuable business. When you choose to work with VPS, you will have the ability to accept credit and debit cards and eChecks. Make sure you don’t send out your merchandise until the eCheck clears. This can often take three to five business days. Make sure your shopper understands your shipping policies.

Charge-offs are a common occurrence when accepting credit card payments if there is no communication between seller and buyer. Send your customers a confirmation email when your items ship. This will develop better communication and more satisfied customers. VPS payment solutions will give you one less thing to worry about in your business. Secure payments give your customers the confidence to do business with your company, and also allow your business to grow much faster.

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