Seeking A New Merchant Account

Whether you’ve been burned once – or even twice – as a business owner or operator who has tried to find a new merchant account but had it fall apart, it can be really disappointing, not to mention when it comes to a sensitive and important business partnership such as a merchant account service provider; after all, so much of your business – no matter who you are – depends on your ability to accept electronic forms of payment like credit, debit, gift, and fleet cards, and as we all know, the only thing even more frustrating than poor service from a brand new merchant account service provider is being flat-out unable to accept your customers’ or clients’ card payments. Besides the inconvenience of losing a sale, it’s especially aggravating to lose a sale not because your customer doesn’t want the product or service, but because he or she is unable to pay for it.

Now that we’ve established that credit card acceptance is a modern necessity – a fact already known to some of the more experienced business owners out there – one has to ask, “how do I seek out and partner with a new merchant account provider that can actually meet my needs, help my business grow, and not drain my operating costs in the entire process?”

Many entrepreneurs face the same dilemma daily. Finding a new merchant account might be easy in and of itself, but finding a new merchant account that’s a worthwhile investment and an advantage to your business is something else entirely: difficult. With so many options available today both online and off, your research must be focused on the clients of your prospective new merchant account service provider – both the clientele they’ve accrued up until now, and even previous clientele who have invested their operating budgets in credit card processing.

If you’re seeking a new merchant account, and you’d like to know the absolute best way of determining a candidate’s value, in summation, contact their clients and just ask; if the potential service provider won’t give you the contact information of any of their clients willing to testify, then it’s probably a red flag that you should look somewhere else for your new merchant account and payment-processing needs.

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