Small Business Merchant Account Products from Vision Payment Solutions

Opening up a new business is an exciting time for business owners, customers and the community. It is a chance for growth, opportunity and gain. Customers receive services or products they are interested in, communities become more enriched, and businesses achieve success and the owners have a chance to make a great living for themselves. Vision Payment Solutions is all helping merchants help themselves and their customers, which in part allows this cycle of growth to continue.

A small business merchant account from VPS gives merchants payment processing solutions that best fit their circumstances and needs. From credit card terminals to smartphone mobile processing solutions, we have everything a small business owner needs for their merchant card account to get their business running and customers coming.

Credit Card Terminals

VPS offers a large selection of credit card terminals to best fit the needs of any small business merchant account. Merchants will find only the best lines of credit card terminals available from VPS, and because technology is always improving, we also offer the most up-to-date terminals on the market. Our terminal options are compact, easy-to-use and reliable. With built in printers and some with wireless terminal options, merchants can find exactly what they are looking for. If you have any questions about which terminal is right for your business, call a VPS representative who will further assist you.

Smartphone Solutions

POS Smartphone solutions offer convenience, security and opportunity for business transactions wherever you are. VPS offers swipers for iPhones, Blackberry and Android phones, so no matter what you use, we have options. Our QwickPay swiper for the iPhone is one example of how swipers can lower costs to merchants; merchants can save as much as 30% on the cost of accepting credit cards from customers. If you are a merchant on the go with a smartphone and want to give your customers the option to use their debit and credit cards, smartphone solutions are simple, secure and reliable.

Wireless Terminals

Wherever your business takes you, we can help you suit up properly. VPS wireless terminals will be ready for business when you are, wherever you are. The Nurit 8020 GPRS is PCI Compliant and the most reliable, with the most up-to-date technology, across the board. We recommend this terminal above all others, but our list of wireless is comprehensive so that no matter what you want, we will have options for you to choose from.

Apply at VPS today for all of your small business merchant account needs. We will provide a free cost analysis and show you how you can save more by choosing VSP. Call us today at 877-674-2286.