Smartphone Processing for Credit Card Payments

For years, credit card processing for retail merchants mandated a fixed point of sale, usually within a storefront. The rise of cellular technology has added a mobile element to accepting credit cards, freeing up merchants to do business in new locations. With the right merchant account and a downloadable app for smartphones and mobile devices, retailers and service providers can now accept payment from customers in the field. With smartphone processing, you’ll be on top of your game. But how does smartphone payment processing work, exactly?

The process begins with a merchant account for mobile credit card processing from Vision Payment Solutions. The next step is a simple download of the smartphone payment processing application to your smartphone or mobile device. Just access it from there, and follow the accessible, step-by-step directions. Once loaded, you’re all set up, with the smartphone payment processing power in the palm of your hand!

With all the features of a countertop credit card terminal, smartphone processing allows you to accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express, as well as signature debit. By using the recommended credit card reader for cell phones and mobile devices, you can benefit from lower smartphone payment processing rates every time you swipe a payment card.

Mobile merchants and service providers can accept credit cards wherever and whenever they need to with smartphone payment processing. Within just a few seconds of swiping the card, transactions are authorized – or declined – and the sale is complete. Additionally, you don’t have to concern yourself with keeping your customer waiting while you print out a paper receipt, because the smartphone payment processing application will email it to them automatically, so there’s no worry.

Single-screen entry delivers the speed and convenience that merchants and their customers have come to expect in more traditional retail locations. All transactions are processed securely via SSL connection, and smartphone payment processing provides advanced fraud detection.

Additional features that merchants appreciate include an easy-to-view product menu, customer contact storage capability, add-on gratuity function and geo-location technology for mapping transactions. Smartphone payment processing delivers everything you need to complete transactions efficiently and securely wherever the sale takes you.

Accepting credit cards everywhere is the way merchants are doing business today. Mobile credit card processing, implemented via smartphone processing from Vision Payment Solutions, is the next step for your business, opening up possibilities you may have never imagined.