Step Your Game Up With Internet Merchant Accounts from VPS

While accepting credit cards is a great way to increase your revenue as well as improve your cash flow, there are several other benefits to Internet Merchant Accounts from Vision Payments as well.

Improved Automation for your Business

With internet merchant accounts, the sky is the limit in terms of how you can automate your entire payment process online.  With online merchant accounts you can quickly automate approval of payments and automatically send email receipts to customers and other departments to process the order.  If able, you can also incorporate your payment system into your entire supply chain to automate even more aspects of your order fulfillment process.  This can result in reduced labor costs and increased efficiency across your entire company.

Increased Security with Internet Merchant Accounts

Using an online merchant account allows you to securely accept credit cards.  No longer are you manually writing down a credit card number from someone who is phoning in an order.  With a merchant account online, your customers enter their information and it is stored on a secure server and transmitted securely as well.  This can significantly cut down on identity theft.  There are laws now which make it illegal to transmit credit card information insecurely so you really do need to keep this in mind when you are handling credit card information.  It is best to leave it up to the professionals who handle this type of data everyday.  Many of the leading providers of Internet Merchant Accounts offer robust security measures which prevent you from having to store any of your customer’s credit card information.

There are many different reasons why it makes sense to accept credit cards when doing business online.  Do your research before signing up for a merchant account to ensure that you are paying reasonable rates and receiving quality customer service from the provider that you choose to handle your credit card transactions.

To start your business with an internet merchant account, contact the experts at Vision Payment Solutions today!