Streamline Your Business Through Mobile Processing

As mobile technology improves, more and more businesses are taking advantage of mobile processing to complete customer transactions. Mobile solutions make transactions extremely convenient. In addition, cutting edge technology ensures that payment card information is transmitted securely and instantaneously. If you have a wireless internet connection, transaction processing through mobile devices is a great option.


Mobile transaction processing is obviously geared towards certain types of businesses. The hot dog stand on the street corner may use a mobile device with an attached card reader to process debit and credit card payments. Employees of towing companies often carry mobile devices that allow them to process customer payments before removing a boot from a car. Mobile solutions are a great fit for any business that needs the flexibility of being able to process payment cards on the go.


It might surprise you to learn that mobile processing isn’t just for mobile businesses. A growing number of brick and mortar businesses are switching over to mobile devices to process credit and debit cards. In restaurants around the world, mobile devices are replacing traditional transaction processing terminals including cash registers. Businesses prefer the simplicity of the transaction processing software that’s been developed for mobile devices as well as their low cost. Plus they give the interior of any business a sheik look and feel. It’s becoming more common to see iPads mounted on metal frames replace traditional cash registers in many stores.


In response to the growing popularity of mobile devices, many companies are developing excellent hardware and software to provide unique business solutions. Mobile card readers and a variety of related devices are some of the coolest hardware compliments that have been developed to support mobile transaction processing.


Vision Payment Solutions is committed to providing its customers with the products and technology that will decrease the cost of transaction processing and streamline business operations. We carry a number of devices that are designed to complement your mobile processing system. These devices include:


Magtek iDynamo– This device is designed especially to be used with Apple devices. This secure card reader authenticator is compatible with iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3, iPod Touch, and iPad.


Magtek BulleT: This secure card reader authenticator is designed to be used on Android and Blackberry platforms. The BulleT uses a Bluetooth interface which allows it to communicate wirelessly with a PC or mobile phone.


To learn more about mobile solutions available through VPS, contact us today at (877) 674-2286!