The Benefits Of Virtual Terminal Merchant Services

Virtual terminal merchant services are just one of the many products offered by Vision Payment Solutions. Our goal is to help merchants with everything they need to process customer payments quickly, securely, and effectively so that business can run smoothly. Virtual terminals give merchants great flexibility and allow for the manual input of payment card information.


By swiping a payment card through a credit card terminal, payment card information can be read and transmitted electronically. This only works if the card is present. Virtual terminals are the solution to helping merchants process payment cards that may not be present. Virtual terminals are used by many different types of businesses for different reasons. For example, many pizza delivery orders are placed over the phone with a credit card. A virtual terminal allows the employee to process payment card information instantaneously as if the customer were present with the card. Many businesses accept payment by phone.


Surprisingly, virtual terminals can even be useful for merchants that don’t process payments over the phone. Have you ever been in a store trying to make a purchase when your credit card failed to swipe correctly? Over time, magnetic strips on credit cards wear off, cards break, and other events can cause credit cards to malfunction at the point of sale. This situation can be embarrassing for customers and may create a significant delay when there’s already a long line of customers waiting. In this case, if the merchant has a virtual terminal, they can simply enter the credit card information and process the payment instantaneously. This saves a lot of hassle and grants the merchant considerable flexibility.

These payments can be processed from any computer with internet access.


One of our most popular virtual terminals is PayTrace. Paytrace is ideal for any business that’s looking for high-end terminal features without the high price tag. This terminal allows you capture and authorize credit card transactions in real time. One great feature of this product is that it can be used from any number of workstations. That means that you won’t have to pay a separate licensing fee for each computer used. PayTrace features level II data handling, card swipe compatibility, automated recurring payments, address verification service, fraud controls, detailed reporting capabilities, and many other useful features.


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