The Different Kinds of Credit Card Merchant Accounts

Credit card merchant accounts, as many of you may know, come in all shapes and sizes – especially now that so many payment-processing companies custom-tailor these services to the individual entrepreneurial and logistical requirements of businesses of all industries. It’s vital that you take into consideration the differences between these types of accounts, and understand what they mean in the context of how you run your business and how well certain credit card merchant accounts will work in favor of – or opposed to – the short- and long-term function of your company.

Traditional: Standard or conventional retail outlets, like you’re probably used to with your local grocery store, for instance, employ the typical POS (point-of-sale) card-processing hardware and protocols, swiping your card at the transaction and letting the digital frontier do the rest. This is the most economical and most efficient of credit card merchant accounts for traditional, brick-and-mortar operations.

MO/TO: For those businesses out there who process a lot of transactions over the phone or through direct mail, our mail- and telephone-order solution is the answer for you. We make it easy to take orders from customers and clients, process the purchase via these methods, and deliver your

Internet and Ecommerce: These credit card merchant accounts are for those online businesses requiring Internet-based payment processing. It requires a shopping cart and a payment gateway, as well, to function properly, and only an ecommerce merchant account is specialized according to the specifications of an online business set up.

Mobile Solutions: Mobile payment-processing solutions from VPS include iPhone, iPad, Android, and Blackberry remote processing. Simply swipe your patrons’ cards through your mobile device, and the transaction is processed. It’s as simple as that. This solution is perfect for tradeshows, conventions, and other mobile interests that require on-the-go purchases.

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