The Magic of Ecommerce Credit Card Processing

Ecommerce credit card processing is gradually becoming the preferred method of payment for many online consumers – in fact, it’s the only method merchants can use online to process their patrons’ transactions, and as such, it’s meeting in the middle with buyers, as more and more people move online to find the products, services, or information they’re seeking.

Ecommerce credit card processing, however, is fundamentally different from our other payment-processing solutions, in that, not only is it used primarily online, but it also requires extra steps that other solutions do not – steps that are designed to not only make your customers’ shopping experience online even easier and more convenient, but also to secure their payment information and prevent them from experiencing the unpleasantness of fraud that can so easily destroy the business-patron relationship. Think about it. All it takes is one negative experience with a retailer or a service, and you’re out of the game for good. Ecommerce credit card processing can prevent all this.

Luckily, though, this is where shopping carts and payment gateways come into play in the world of ecommerce credit card processing. A shopping cart, as you very likely already understand, is the means by which your buyers will sort, organize, and quantify their online selections for purchase, and it will be the platform by which their desires are expressed through just clicks and the entry of their credit card information. A shopping cart relays its information – upon checkout – to the payment gateway, essentially nothing more than a highly secure portal through which this vital credit card information is transmitted and encrypted for the shoppers’ protection. This is an essential step in the online shopping experience; otherwise, the customer may experience the heartbreak of losing their money, their identity, or even their futures. Ecommerce credit card processing today has morphed into a different animal altogether – a way of establishing peace of mind online and a method for preventing future theft or other negative experiences.

With Vision Payment Solutions, you can expect us to provide top-of-the line ecommerce credit card processing, with all the hardware, software, service, and support your business requires in times of need. We carry the full range of processing solutions, including MO/TO, mobile, and traditional POS terminals, but if ecommerce credit card processing is what you seek for making your business more profitable online, then call VPS today. We’ll get you set up with the perfect ecommerce credit card processing solution in no time!