The Spectrum of Merchant Processing Services

Merchant processing is not just one process, one action, or one set of actions. It is highly dependent on what, exactly, the merchant needs to fulfill purchase transactions, and as such, there are many different kinds of merchant processing. Today, we’ll be covering some of the more common forms of merchant processing, and discussing why each is particularly suited to a certain line of work, industry, or field of interest.

First, we’ll begin with the standard, conventional, regular mode of merchant processing: the point-of-sale (POS) terminal located in your average retail establishment, whether it’s an outlet, a wholesaler, or any other form of brick-and-mortar business that provides goods and services in the classical way. Most small businesses end up choosing this kind of merchant processing, if only because most small businesses are indeed these kinds of stores. If you have a traditional retail operation, this is the pick for you.

Then, there’s what’s slowly becoming the second most common form of payment processing: an online arrangement. In ecommerce situations, your merchant processing will require, like the other, a merchant account, but it will be specialized for online interaction. You’ll also require a payment gateway and a shopping cart, all of which Vision Payment Solutions offers at great rates and superior client support.

Next up are you mail- and telephone-order businesses. If you take orders over the phone or through the mail, you need merchant processing that can accommodate your needs. VPS also provides everything along these lines to make your MO/TO merchant processing experience a great one.

Finally, there’s our mobile merchant processing solution for you on-the-go entrepreneurs who need to check out your clients and customers on the road, at tradeshows and conventions, or even ice cream truck patrons. This entails a combination of some of the features of online processing and the standard model, but it’s all easy to arrange and now more convenient than ever in its execution.

Have any questions about choosing the right merchant processing solution for your business needs? Call Vision Payment Solutions today at the number above, and you’ll be able to speak with a representative who can set you up with the best possible processing plan, customized to meet your individual and entrepreneurial expectations. With VPS on your side, you can be processing your patrons’ transactions in no time – all at the best rates, top-of-the-line client support, and up-to-date software, hardware, and other resources to help your company succeed.