The Steps of Merchant Processing

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We save our merchants time and money by making merchant processing easy. With full system integration, you won’t have to work tedious hours with all the bookkeeping that comes with merchant processing. In addition, our wireless merchant processing solutions make it possible to accept credit cards anywhere, including sales where the credit card is not present. If you’re an online entrepreneur, VPS will supply you with a secure, cost-effective, and reliable way to accept credit cards. Our extensive online merchant processing services include some great extra features, fully compatible with most online shopping carts. With a variety of credit card machines from leading manufacturers, low-rate credit card processing, and a competitive payment processing policy, we have become a leader in the merchant processing market. If you are a small business merchant, and if you need payment processing of any kind, there is no better solution for you. We offer a large range of payment solutions including electronic check processing, credit card machines, payment gateways, and high-quality POS machines. Our easy credit application only takes a few minutes, and credit accounts are typically approved within a day. Apply for the perfect merchant processing solution with Vision Payment Solutions to start accepting credit cards today!