Today’s Featured Product: The Dejavoo M5

Welcome back, readers! Today, we’re going to talk about another featured product of ours, the Dejavoo M5! This fantastic technology is the perfect fit for just about any industry or business out there! Remember, all of our products are not only available through direct order, but you can also set up convenient, hassle-free financing that pays Vision Payment Solutions back gradually through a percentage of each transaction you carry out! Feel free to explore the site and check out the many other products and services VPS offers! Get your customers’ cards processed, funds deposited into your account, and on your way to better overall business management, growth, and development!

Accepting payments everywhere business calls and under all circumstances, the Dejavoo M5 is truly a business enabler – accepting payment anywhere! With a small carbon footprint, built-in pin device, ultra-fast printer, backlit, user-friendly keyboard and display, the M-line of products includes this ideal wireless terminal for your business needs. The fact that the Dejavoo establishes secure connections to Transaction Payment Gateways, as well as its Value Added Server, surpasses any desktop or other wireless terminal! In fact, the Dejavoo M5 gives merchants more options to improve and complete their business needs, on the go!

All of this line of products – the Dejavoo M3, M5, & M8 – features Linux-based technology, boosted by two, 32-bit microprocessors and multiple communication options. Constructed for user friendliness and able to handle just about any tedious business demand, the Dejavoo M5 is designed for the future! The technology kernel benefits from incorporating the latest developments, freeing you to create applications virtually without limit, making the most of the processing power at your disposal.

Despite today’s unending barrage of technological and industrial change, you can stay ahead of the curve with the best products in the industry. With Vision Payment Solutions, you can count on us to deliver the highest quality products at the lowest cost – period. Additionally, don’t forget about our financing programs, which you can learn more about as you explore our site. VPS can build your business in a way no other merchant account or credit card processing company can. See for yourself why so many entrepreneurs choose our products just like the Dejavoo M5; they know and trust that we will provide superior technology and customer assistance.