Understanding the Importance of Accepting Credit Cards: A Message to all Merchants

Convenience often reigns king these days, and we see it all around us: restaurants, cleaning services, t.v. remotes, Netflix, order-your-groceries-online services, as well as online shopping in general, just to name a slight fraction of what is common in our lives today. Methods of convenience often make our lives richer because we get to spend time doing other things, and they can make our lives simpler by making errands that were once time consuming and difficult, easier and quicker. Merchants who have an ecommerce business offer great examples of heightened convenience. People can shop 24/7, at home in their pajamas, without taking a step outside, and by using their credit or debit card to make all their purchases. This can mean a lot to a busy stay-at-home parent, or a person that works during the day and doesn’t really have the time to go from shop to shop looking for what they want. Services such as PayPal allow purchases to be made without the use of a credit card, but services that also give the option of purchasing with a credit card give their customers a convenient way of paying quickly and securely.

For merchants that are not ecommerce, business might still depend on convenience: whether or not you accept credit cards. As more and more people rely on the use of technology, rather than paper, credit cards are quickly replacing the use of cash in transactions, especially those of substantial value. There are many reasons why this is the case: it is safer to carry cards rather than cash; credit card companies often offer rewards based on the amount of use; people can build their credit by using credit cards; purchases made by debit or credit cards can be tracked and traced to the source, purchase date and time, which gives a lot of information that most consumers usually find beneficial and important. It is convenient and simple. If cash gets lost or stolen, it can be more difficult to recover than calling the bank and asking them to pause or cancel your card.