Virtual Credit Card Processing for The Uninitiated

Virtual credit card processing is the primary method by which merchants of all kinds – busy online (and mail- or phone-order) business owners and operators just like you – can accept, process, and manage their customers’ or clients’ credit or debit card payments. If you’re just starting up an Internet store, a mail- or phone-order catalogue, or any other variety of business in need of virtual credit card processing, it’s time to become educated on the matter.

Today, has become the norm – not only because it works well for online businesses, but also, because it works for the other kinds of businesses we mentioned – phone- and mail-order companies that need to process their patrons’ electronic payments without the customer physically present. This, of course, presents a challenge to the virtual credit card processing provider in a way, as there is of course an increased risk of fraud – such as identity theft – in these types of transactions.

But, if you do have an online store, there is no other way to accept electronic forms of payment like customers’ and clients’ credit cards – save PayPal – than through the use of virtual credit card processing. Now, such payment processing is easier than ever to use – and safer and more reliable than it used to be, as well.

When you as a merchant use virtual credit card processing, you do so by accessing what’s known as a virtual terminal – this allows you to manage all your transactions anywhere and any time. With an internet merchant account, a payment gateway, and a shopping cart, your online business can quickly begin accepting your clients’ cards in no time, and when you use your virtual terminal to facilitate virtual credit card processing, you can essentially perform any task previously implemented manually in the past – but this time, with the ease and peace of mind that accompanies encrypted transmissions.

Vision Payment Solutions has everything your company requires to implement virtual credit card processing, no matter the size, shape, industry, or field of interest of your organization. With multiple functionality and great user interfaces, our systems make virtual credit card processing as easy as it could possibly be. You can have access to the full range of processing functions, such as manual key-in of card data, confirmation of transaction, storage of customer or client information, setting up a recurring billing model, uploading your daily batches, and even customizing your own reports.