VPS Integrated POS Systems

Vision Payment Solutions (VPS) offers a number of products and services for merchants that assist in the processing and protection of credit card and debit card information. These solutions include integrated hardware and software solutions that are built to the specifications of your business. VPS can customize a personalized system for your business that will allow to process transactions at lower costs. As an industry leader, VPS offers top of the line security for credit and debit card information processing and quick transaction times that will save you time and money!

What types of Point of Sale Solutions does VPS offer?

Optimizing point of sale (POS) transactions are extremely important to merchants. Having something go wrong at the register while a long line of customers wait to be served is every merchant’s nightmare. Merchants want to ensure that everything goes smoothly while they are face to face with customers and that transactions are processed quickly so that they can serve a greater number of customers. To this end, VPS has developed several reliable integrated systems that assist merchants with POS transactions.

For retail businesses, these solutions include all of the hardware needed to process transactions including automated cash registers, bar-code scanners, and touch screen monitors. VPS software monitors inventory levels, generates reports of profit margin analysis, and keeps track of every transaction. For restaurants, integrated touch screen PC solutions with registers and card swipes will make serving your customers that much easier.

POS terminals come in many different forms with many different features. Talk with VPS specialists so we can determine what type of POS best suits your business needs! Consider one integrated solution that will save you time, money, and meet all of your business needs: VPS OnePay. Features include:

  • Touch-screen interface
  • Web-based management system
  • Real-time profits and sales reports online
  • Inventory and sales control system
  • Process cards and cash (drawer not pictured)
  • Attractive commission structure
  • Leasing available

Why Should You Consider VPS POS Solutions?

VPS is an industry leader for integrated POS solutions. VPS’s unique products and services have been recognized for their quality by leading industry magazines and associations. The POS solutions offered by VPS will help your business save time and money above and beyond what is possible with lower end equipment and systems.

To learn more about integrated POS solutions offered by VPS and find out which of these many solutions is right for your business, contact VPS specialists at (877) 674-2286!