VPS Offers Financed Equipment Leasing

Vision Payment Solutions (VPS) is pleased to announce its new equipment-leasing customer programs, offering superior financing on our high quality, affordable, and, as some of our clients have raved – irreplaceable – equipment purchases! Discover for yourself today why so many small businesses just like yours finance their purchases through Vision Payment Solutions, the leading provider of merchant account and credit card-processing technology and services.

Through our customer-centered finance program, we can offer simple, fast, and cost-effective financing plans to help businesses get the equipment and technology they need to drive revenue and profits – and the necessary resources not only to survive, but to thrive in our tumultuous, unpredictable economy. Our primary mission is in assisting businesses like yours push revenue, while providing service and value that none of the competitors in our industry can match. When you finance with Vision Payment Solutions, you have an account team devoted to fulfilling all of your financial requirements, while genuinely concerned with the growth of your business.

Just some of our programs’ beneficial features include instant financing – up to $100,000! – with NO financials required; a simple application process with virtually instant turnaround; same-day financing utilizing ClickFund™ e-documents; unparalleled, timely client service; both deferred and seasonal payment programs; finance terms from one to five years; flexibility with regard to your specific needs; as well as a convenient option for adding or upgrading your equipment over time, with a simple, one-page document!

Financing equipment for your business through Vision Payment Solutions is a smart move; the gradual purchase strengthens your financial position by keeping the assets off your balance sheet. All the while, you’ll be accruing accessible cash reserves for those other, unpredictable business needs that arise, especially in these unstable – and uncertain – times!

To find out more about equipment leasing and financing that can help your business grow while having access to needed technology and resources, made possible through Vision Payment Solutions’ customer-tailored programs, or to apply for this unmatched program now, please visit: https://vendor.lendedge.com/Application.aspx?Vendor=VisionPaymentSolutions or simply click on the link under the VPS merchant login page.