VPS’ Own Steve Gent Recognized In ISO & Agent Weekly

Steve Gent, Vice President of Business Development for Maine-based ISO, Vision Payment Solutions, was recently featured in weekly financial and merchant solutions publication ISO & AGENT Weekly, and consulted for his extensive industry expertise.

In a front-page story, ISO & AGENT addresses a noteworthy trend that many in the payment-processing industry should consider carefully: the gradual transition of many companies’ payment-processing solutions from traditional, point-of-sale (POS) terminals for processing their customers’ and clients’ payments, to fully integrated mobile merchant solutions – including everything from smart-phones with credit card-swiping abilities, to tablets like the iPad, processing payments of all varieties with speedy, efficient applications.

While others in the industry expressed their doubt of the new changes on the horizon, Gent focused on the positive. As V.P. of Development, Gent has been approached on the topic from a handful of VPS clientele, who love the idea of implementing tablet-style mobile merchant solutions, and who could argue with the convenience of a portable checkout?

“The mindset of not having to go to a register is kind of the hard charge in the payments industry from a mobile perspective,” Gent was quoted, demonstrating his unparalleled affinity for recognizing trends and adapting accordingly, “From an ISO standpoint, I can’t imagine not knowing about mobile. It is just readily apparent that consumers are going that way, and it would be oversight not to follow the consumer and the technology available for exponential growth.”

But with so many new mobile merchant solutions and other processing technologies sprouting up across the market, many ISOs are still waiting to see which systems will eventually become the preferred methods for payment processing.

With Gent’s watchful eyes to the future, along with the rest of his VPS colleagues, the company is prepared to provide the highest quality payment-processing solutions – mobile or otherwise – to their clientele, with their well known gold standard of unmatched customer service and comprehensive technical support. For more information on Vision Payment Solutions, payment processing, and mobile merchant solutions, simply visit http://www.visionpayments.com/ or call 877.674.2286.