VPS: The Complete Answer for Your Business

Of the trillions of dollars in global circulation today, there are all kinds of ways to pay, trade, barter, or otherwise obtain money, products, services, information and even abstract ideas. Wouldn’t it be great to have a unified, consistent, and efficient protocol for processing certain types of payments? Vision Payment Solutions can make it happen. Whether you are a small business in Middle America just needing a way to accept your customers’ credit or debit payments, or an upscale European boutique in need of a little operating capital, VPS has you covered.

Vision Payment Solutions provides a complete range of merchant processing products and services for your business. We enable merchants to accept credit and debit cards, offer a huge assortment of hardware and software terminals (wired and wireless), conceive and implement integrated cash register solutions, and can even fund your business up to $150,000 through our capital funding program. Best of all, a loan from VPS is repaid by way of a percentage of credit and debit card sales automatically, so you don’t have to endure the headache of hours of paperwork, needless phone conversations, and general hassle!

Additionally, VPS rewards you, the merchant, for referring other businesses to our products and services! With generous profit sharing, you can offer your own clients an opportunity for world-class card processing and no monthly check to write. Please look into our Partner program for more information on referrals. With decades of experience in the financial services industry, our dedicated team of professionals will ensure you receive the best possible service at the lowest possible price.

For a free quote from Vision Payment Solutions, don’t hesitate to call us today and see how VPS can improve your business – and your life – for good! One of our friendly representatives is standing by at 1-(877) 674-2286. Make the right choice for yourself and your clientele. Choose Vision Payment Solutions and experience a whole new world of financial services.