VPS: Your Next Credit Card Merchant Account Service Provider

Why should my business start processing credit and debit cards?

Processing credit and debit cards in this day in age is becoming increasingly more important for merchants around the globe. Incentives such as building credit, free Sky Miles and cash back offers are only part of the reason why more and more people are deciding to use plastic instead of paper. Another reason for the increasingly large change in payment medium is the strengthened security and convenience of cards.  While this change is not bound within the confines of payment methods only—it is seen in the change of writing letters to writing emails, paper to online school assignments and textbooks, handheld books to handheld tablets— it is the progression of all things paper to all things electronic, and to stay in businesses, every industry must progress with the knowledge and tools of the generation. By accepting debit and credit cards, your business will have the chance to process more payments and strengthen profit margins.

What does it take to be a great credit card merchant account service provider?

VPS is a merchant account service provider, but we are not the typical credit card merchant account service provider: we are a leading provider in the payment processing realm built on a solid foundation of expertise, experience and trust.  While there are many a great credit card merchant account service provider, we look to be the best in the industry by offering the most current products and services available on the market. We also have recently released a VPS Mobile app, now available on the Apple and Android stores, that allows merchants a new mobile solution (free swiper included) to process payments wherever business takes them. The design and implementation of our new VPS app is one example of how we strive to stay right at the forefront of new technology and services to help our clients succeed in their work.

What else does VPS offer?

Beyond services and products for internet-based businesses, mobile merchants, and brick-and-mortar businesses, VPS offers merchant cash advances for up to $150,000 for your business. For whatever purpose your business could use an advance, we are here to help. Merchant cash advances offer funding in 10-14 days with high approval rates. Over the years, we have helped thousands of merchants receive the funding they needed for renovation work, business expansion and emergency funding.

To start processing credit cards or to apply for a merchant cash advance, or for more information, call us today at 877-674-2286 or visit us at www.visionpayments.com.