Ways to Wrap Gift Cards This Holiday Season

Vision Payment Solutions provides complete hardware, software, and technical support solutions for payment processing. We serve many successful retail chains, and we have been in business for years. Merchant or customer, you’ll enjoy these fun tips for the holidays for wrapping your gift cards for loved ones!

Tree ornaments: The best gift-card wrapping can be used after the gift card itself has been redeemed. Many popular gift-card holders come in the form of ornaments – keepsakes to be appreciated year after year. You can make one yourself: Stick the gift card in a balloon, blow it up, draw some snowflakes on it, and add an ornament hook. Now you’ve got a fun, pretty gift card wrapper, with a noisemaking bonus!

Stuffed animals: Kids of all ages will love receiving a plush stuffed animal, especially when that animal has a Toys R Us, Target or Walgreens gift card in its paws!

Candy: A gift card is grand, but a gift card wrapping in the form of candy is better. At some retails stores, for $5 to $10 on top of the gift card price, you can sweeten the deal with a miniature box of chocolates.

Socks: Wrap a gift card inside a fun pair of socks, gloves, or slippers that will keep them guessing and laughing. Go crazy: choose from quirky mismatched socks, novelty socks, holiday socks and trendy toe socks for everyone you know.

Theme: It’s always fun to match the gift card wrapping with the card itself: hide a casino gift card in a deck of playing cards, a Starbucks gift card in coffee beans, or a photo gift certificate inside a picture frame. Be sure to check for in-store specials, as well!

Bookmark: Gift cards make perfect bookmarks. Simply purchase a book related to the gift card – a book about fashion and a gift card for Nordstrom, or a travel journal with an airline gift card – and you have a thoughtful present inside a present. For the book lover in your life, combine a Borders or B&N gift card with a book for the perfect literary duo.

Wallets & Purses: One great way to wrap gift cards comes in the form of a wallet or purse with several gift cards enclosed. After all, who wouldn’t enjoy a wallet that’s already filled with spending money for their favorite stores? For kids and teens, fill the wallet with a variety of gift cards in small increments to favorite fast-food places, and in larger increments for iTunes, Old Navy and the local mall.

Peek Guard: This list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Hallmark’s Peek-Buster bags. Put your gift card (and gift card wrap) inside one of the three motion-detector bags, and if the recipient tries to peek, a siren and an official announcement alerts the household to your illicit spy games.

Additionally, consider the dollar value of the gift card before you choose the type of gift card wrap. Use more elaborate presentations if a gift card has a high dollar amount on it. Don’t use a major presentation – a huge box, for example, to wrap a $10 gift card. For smaller amounts, use an ornament or a coffee mug, because you don’t ever want to make the recipient think they’re about to receive some expensive present, and only have a small amount on the card.

Happy Holidays from Vision Payment Solutions!