What Are Virtual Terminal Merchant Services

Virtual terminal merchant services: maybe you’ve heard the term – in fact, you likely have if you’re a merchant or business owner who needs to process your customers’ credit card data. But what are terminal merchant services, specifically? And, how do you, as a merchant, benefit from them? Vision Payment Solutions provides virtual terminal services at a reasonable cost and with second-to-none customer service support! Let’s review the key phrase in question:

Instead of focusing on the phrase, “virtual terminal merchant services” so much, let’s first learn about virtual terminals. In its broadest sense, a virtual terminal, or VT for short, according to modern conventions, is an application service that allows host terminals on a multi-user network to interact with other hosts regardless of terminal type and characteristics, provides remote log-on by local area network managers for the purpose of management, enables users to access information from another host processor for transaction processing, and finally, serves as a backup facility.

PuTTY is a real-world example of a virtual terminal. PuTTY is a free and open-source virtual terminal services application that serves as a client for the SSH, Telnet, rlogin, and raw TCP protocols, and as a serial console client. The acronym doesn’t mean much for the first two letters, but TTY is a Unix-related terminal, short for Teletype. ITU-T defines a virtual terminal protocol based on the OSI application layer protocols. However, the virtual terminal protocol is not commonplace online. While many of these terms and phrases you may not necessarily be familiar with, it’s important to understand the basic framework behind virtual terminal services.

So, how does this broad definition of a virtual terminal directly tie in to virtual terminal services? As you may have guessed, all of these technical terms and computer programming jargon are simply describing the backend of virtual merchant services. As a merchant, when you sign on for an account with Vision Payment Solutions, you are provided with virtually limitless options for processing your customers’ payments; virtual terminal services are simply one of many factors required for safe, secure, speedy, and efficient transaction processing.

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