What Kind of Small Business Merchant Account Do You Need?

When you first begin looking into merchant accounts and accepting credit cards you may be a bit overwhelmed. After all if you do not take cards how can you predict how many card transactions you will have in a month? Are you willing to pay fees if you go over your allotted transactions? This could be a rather expensive decision. What happens if you overestimate your transactions to get a lower rate, and then find out that you only have a percentage of that number of card transactions? Will you have to pay a different rate once the month is over?


Merchant accounts differ between processing companies but generally there are several different package and plans to choose from. Knowing your business and clientele is a good way to choose an initial plan. If people have been asking you when you are going to start accepting cards that is a good indicator that you need to accept cards, but what kind of merchant account do you need? As a leader in merchant accounts, VPS can help you choose the best ones for your needs.


Luckily, most processing companies offer a small business merchant account which has a bit of flexibility. Some months you may have more card sales than others, some sales may be higher in dollar amount than others and a small business merchant account will not penalize you for this. There are certain allowances made for a small business merchant account, typically for a period of one year so that you are more aware of what to expect from your transactions. Some people will still use cash, some may use checks if you accept them and of course there will be people using check cards, credit cards and debit cards.


There’s no reason not to get set up with a merchant account today, even if you feel a bit overwhelmed by the options. The professionals at Vision Payment Solutions will help you make the best and most affordable choice for your small business. Contact us at (877) 674-2286 today!