What to Look For in a Mobile Credit Card Processing Service

Mobile Processing, or accepting credit card payments through a mobile device such as a smart phone or tablet, is a fast growing demographic in small business today. These services can greatly expand options for a small business, allowing not only an inexpensive means of processing cards, but the ability to conduct business anywhere, without being tied down to a complicated and bulky system. They can also add an additional level of security to credit card processing, which can help to avoid malware hacks like the Michaels, Target, and Neiman-Marcus attacks.

As any small business knows, in order to obtain growth and sustainability, it’s vital to accept credit card payments, and since mobile services allow such flexibility and are so cost-effective, implementing one into your business is really a no brainer. The real question for vendors, then, is not whether you should use a credit card processing service, but which service should you use? Top services will offer a wide variety of service choices to small businesses.

The best service providers will include a great deal of experience in electronic payments and offer services for mobile processing which cover all forms of payment, card brands, and merchant services. The vendor should have the option track consumer trends by viewing past transactions.

Intuitive design is also important, which allows easy management of settings and can even help to set up a product list. Basic features you should look for include single-screen entry and electronic signature capturing, as well as state-of-the-art high-end SSL encryption which meets current Pa-DSS standards, as well as password protection and credit card verification. The best mobile processing solution will be serviceable across a wide range of platforms, so that whether your system of choice is iOS, Android, or Blackberry, you can still use the service.

Swiping cards is often considered more secure than keypad entry, and is certainly more convenient and faster. The option for a credit card reader is a must as well, be it one that works with ROAMpay, PAYware, or QwickPAY.

This might not be something that immediately comes to mind, but you also might do well to consider a service that also offers traditional point-of-sale (POS) terminals, pin pads, and the like. While this equipment is often quite expensive for a new or small business, a merchant services provider that offers traditional equipment is more likely to have the knowledge and experience to back up their mobile app, and also offers the convenience of an easy upgrade should you grow your physical business to a stage where a more robust point of sale system is desired.