Why You Need Secure Payment Gateways

Payment gateways are an effective and secure way to receive credit card payments from your customers both online and in a physical location. They are also an effective way to ensure customer information is secured between the merchant and customer. You can also accept online payments from almost anywhere. Credit card and eCheck processing services that utilize payment gateways reduce the number of fraudulent charges. Vision Payment Solutions offer a variety of tools for online merchants. Their payment gateways are easy to integrate into your website. VPS offers a complete line of e-commerce solutions for every type of business.

A payment gateway keeps credit card information safe with a secure line for transmitting sensitive data. The financial information is encrypted so hackers cannot steal the information. Customers’ personal information and credit card numbers are safely stored at Vision Payment Solutions’ secure servers. If you have an online business, you need to offer the same payment systems as your competitors. Payment gateways allow you to operate your merchant account online and from anywhere in the world. Secure payments allow your customers to trust their financial information is secure.

Starting a new business whether online or located at a retail store can be a difficult undertaking. Many new businesses cannot secure the financing they need to accept credit cards. Contacting VPS is the solution to your problem. They can get your business set up within 48 hours. Merchant payments are in your banking account within 48 to 72 hours after the payment transaction. There are many other payment gateways that can’t offer you the level of security your business needs.

Many online shoppers expect merchants to have the ability to accept credit card payments. Don’t lose valuable customers to your competition. Call VPS to set up an appointment to get started right away. Smartphone processing capabilities makes it easy to process payments when you are away from the office. Download their mobile app and make your life easier. The same high-quality security measures you expect for your business is the same for your mobile apps.

Smartphone processing is available to help you streamline your payment systems. More shoppers are using their smartphone to buy things than ever before. No matter what kind of merchant solutions you need, VPS can help you process payments faster. If you have any questions about getting started today with Vision Payment Solutions, give us a call at 877-674-2286.